The movie directed by Harry Bradbeer talks about the youngest and only daughter in the famous Holmes family. She is extremely intelligent, observant, insightful and she defies the social norms for women of time. Nevertheless her mother, Eudoria taught her everything that she knew and also encouraged her to be a strong willed woman. 

But then on her 16th birthday, Enola found out that her mother has disappeared, she didn’t know the reason behind her disappearance,so this issue made her two brothers Sherlock and mycroft to come back home in search of their mother but she left without a trace. Sherlock and mycroft left home when Enola was very little so it was hard for them to actually recognize her but on the long run the famous Sherlock saw a lot of potential in her, while mycroft thought she was a wild girl that needed more help to shape her into the ways of the society.

Sherlock believed in her when she solved a case that took Sherlock so much time to solve while she went in search of her mother and also solving the case of the viscount of Tewksbury along the line she fell for the young viscount Tewksbury of basilweather. She didn’t let her emotions distract her from her true purpose of finding her mother and protecting the viscount.

After the truth was finally revealed on the Tewksbury case, Enola discovered that her one true purpose was finding herself, her freedom, she found out that she was /is a good dectective and a finder of lost souls.

Ratings ;



Good plot

Good costumes and makeup 

Good scenery 

Less offensive language 


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