“I’m feeling great!”, Trump assures US Citizens

President Trump addressed hundreds of supporters gathered at the White House on Saturday in his first public event since he was hospitalized with the coronavirus. He is trying to recover forward movement in his campaign for re-election with just 3 weeks to go.⁣

Trump called the event a “peaceful protest” in honor of “law and order,” and White House aides described it as an official event. But it had some of the hallmarks of his campaign gatherings, including attendees wearing red caps with his campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” ⁣

“I’m feeling great!” Trump told the crowd at the event, which was organized by his supporter Candace Owens, who has led a “Blexit” movement to prompt Black voters to leave the Democratic Party.⁣

Trump’s voice sounded stronger than it had earlier in the week, and his complexion was better than in a video of himself he tweeted out on Wednesday. But in a departure from his typical speaking engagements, Trump appeared for a shorter time than the nearly 30 minutes that officials advertised: He spoke for just about 15 minutes.⁣

The event continues Trump’s pattern of using the White House for political events, as he did with his speech to the Republican National Convention in August. He plans to hold a rally in Orlando, Florida, on Monday.⁣

Source @nytimes (Instagram)

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