Chigan Madu seeks to continue making waves in Showbiz

Chigan Madu, multi-talented video director, filmmaker, cinematographer and CEO of CM Music with real names, Charles Maduemezia has continued to make an impact in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Although, the Nigerian business environment is tough and replete with challenges, Chigan Madu continues to find ways to thrive in it. “My love for music and entertainment motivated me to forge a career path in the creative industry despite the challenges, he avows, and further confirms that he was inspired by the works of Nollywood’s cerebral directors Tunde Kelani, Tchidi Chikere and Kunle Afolayan. Hence, my being where I am today is not accidental; it is deliberate. I have been in the entertainment business since 2012.”

Chigan always maintained that he is delighted seeing his dream of owning a showbiz enterprise fulfilled. He avowed that he is now focused on building his brand and taking it to great heights.
He disclosed that 2020 has been a fruitful year for him. Speaking on that he shares, “I have pushed out some contents this year, including commercials for notable brands and prank videos for viewers and fans on our YouTube channel, Pranks Nigeria.”

The alumnus of the University of Ibadan gave a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs. He said, “Young people who are still struggling to find their feet need to know that winners don’t quit; no matter how difficult their situation, they should be focused and determined to break their jinx and overcome the obstacles in their way.”

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