Sanwoolu Reacts to the Hoodlums attack on Lagos Protesters

As the ongoing protests strives several reports of attacks as been reported from Abuja and Lagos which have left several people injured, properties destroyed and a retaliation by some peaceful moving protesters.

This morning peaceful protests at Alausa, Lagos State saw a Lagos state brand bus service bus drive in a number of hoodlums who attacked the protesters with several weapons and that undoubtedly caused an uproar with several hands pointing at the government.

Speaking on this the Governor had this to say via his Instagram page, ‘In order to set the record straight on today’s unfortunate attack by hoodlums on peaceful protesters in Alausa. We identified and traced the BRT bus No. 240171.

I invited the driver of the said bus, Mr. Mayowa Olajide to state his side of the story, and clear the air.

I will continue to reiterate it that I totally identify with this cause and would never be a part of, nor encourage violence of any form on citizens, more so youths who are clamoring for a safer society.

I hereby assure you that the police are hot on the trail of the hoodlums who attacked the Alausa protesters, and with the help of visuals of some of them which were captured during the attack, they would soon be in our custody.’

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