Nigerian forex expert, Benneth Nwokocha urges Nigerians to embrace forex trading to escape poverty

The founder of CitiForex Trading Institute; Benneth Nwokocha popular known as PipSurgeon has advised Nigerian youths to embrace forex trading as a skill to aid them to escape the raging poverty currently faced by a large population of Nigerians. According to him, the heat of the global pandemic which has led to a surge in job loss and an almost financial paralysis situation among Nigerians has led many to resort to illegal means of making money.

He continued by saying that proper knowledge of the foreign exchange market and trading techniques has helped him build a fortune in the last seven years. Narrating his journey to rising, he spoke about how he had struggled to fund the demands of university education through his parents, considering the scarce nature of entry-level jobs with satisfying pay structures in Nigeria, he attended a forex training workshop seven years ago in Lagos that changed his life where he was introduced to the potentials in the forex market.

Speaking on his journey he shares, “I made my own mistakes initially, I think every new trader learns the real ropes when he starts his trading journey, but I have stayed in the game for almost a decade and myself and other Citiforex traders belong to the top in the industry at the moment.” he said.

According to Benneth, his free workshop which takes newbie and experienced traders through the nitty gritty of profitable trading has been his way of giving back to the society and empowering young people to make money through legitimate sources like Forex. The upcoming Lagos workshop which runs from October to December to mark the opening of the new Lagos CitiForex office is completely free and when asked why he is doing all of these, Benneth said that he believes it is time to begin to teach youths how to catch their own fishes and not just throw them fishes once in a while. He says that anyone with an access to an internet enabled phone has no excuse to stay broke or blame anybody for their scarcity. He insists that if he could do it – learn, trade and gain financial independence, anybody can.

He added that he aims to build and pass on a culture of sustainability and financial stability. 
He mentioned that the company has, since registration with the proper authorities, provided safe investment packages, one of
which includes a 15% monthly ROI. This is done through a tripartite system with the investor, master trader and the broker which guarantees the security of trading funds. This transparent system was introduced to enable people who do not have the capacity or time to learn and trade themselves to equally benefit from the trading experts who have all the time and skills.

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