Know Fally Ipupa Through the ears of a Lover of Good Music

Sometimes in 2016 I went to the Nigerian French Language Village to obtain a diploma in French Language. I had just finished my NYSC program and I was eager for an adventure. Opting to learn French came out of a desire to expand my horizons and opportunities which I did achieve and it gave me some amazing friends and an opportunity to see a side of the French lifestyle and culture I wasn’t used to. 

But into my final weeks of my one year program I came across some delicious French music majorly from Francophone countries like Congo, Togo, République de Bénin and Senegal. Interesting I have always loved music song in French and other native languages mixed into it but I appreciated it more while studying the language. Surprisingly I passed one of the course I wrote during my final papers because of a particular song by Fally Ipupa titled , Original. Let me leave that there, lol!
Of all the artistes I came across none struck my love for francophone musicals like that of the genius of Fally Ipupa. I had first come across his music sometimes in 2011 when I heard Sexy Danse but his electrifying dance on the music video of the song was just mind blowing. Very rare to see a man whine his waist in such a manly manner.

Fast Forward into 2016 ending I came across ‘ La Vie Est Belle ‘ meaning life is beautiful and that song blew my mind. I heard this song in different versions by Fally himself. You see it’s one thing to be a musician but it’s another to be a performing artiste. The power and grace to be a performer makes you a complete musician and a powerhouse of which Fally encompasses it all. 
He is fondly known with these names Dicap la merveille, El pibe de oro, El Maravilloso, 3x Hustler, El Rey Mago, Champions love,The king, Eagle Fally Ipupa. The 42 year old composes his music in Ndombolo, soukous, rumba, R&B genres spicing it up in his native Linga, French and a little bit of English.

For the past four years I have followed up the excellence of Fally’s Musical greatness and I must confess he is undoubtedly the King of African Performing Music. If you don’t appreciate good music and performances you might not be able to understand or relate to the magnificence of his craft. After listening to about four albums, over 45 songs, watched over 18 music videos, viewed several episodes of Instagram videos of rehearsals and freestyles I can’t but state this music genius is one artiste you need to listen to. 

On ending this I would love everyone to take time and listen to the arrangements of his songs from the beats that introduces the ginger in bedded in the song down to the initial flow of lyrics, the alignment of his compositions in perfect synergy with the beats, back up singers, entire song atmosphere and surprisingly in some of his songs he leaves the climax in the middle or a little into the beginning or ending of the song leaving you to wonder how excellent he is. It’s just like you tasting a sweet meal from the beginning sparked by its aroma but not knowing half way into the meal you would have your senses telling you you are yet to enjoy how great the meal is. Fally’s Music has such an epitome of class, style and poise.

In addition he is one of the beat dressed African artiste. If you think you have seen it all just check his social media and you would understand his attention to detail, perfection and a genuine desire to stand out classy, stylish and signatured. 
Without much more kindly visit Apple Music, YouTube or other music downloadable platforms and enjoy the excellence of FALLY IPUPA.
Merci ! 

Excerpts from his Wikipedia page;

Fally Ipupa N’simba (born December 14, 1977), known by his stage name Fally Ipupa, is a Congolese singer-songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, guitarist and producer. From 1999 until 2006, he was a member of Quartier Latin International, the music band formed in 1986 by Koffi Olomidé.

His first solo album was Droit Chemin released in 2006, which went on to sell over 100,000 units and his second album Arsenal de Belles Melodies was released in 2009. In 2007, Fally Ipupa won the Kora Awards for Best Artist or Group from Central Africa.

In 2010, Fally Ipupa won the MTV Africa Music Awards 2010 for Best Video for “Sexy Dance” and Best Francophone Artist. He won the urban awards for Best African Artist.

Fally Ipupa was nominated in the Best Live Act category at the MTV Africa Music Awards 2014. He released an album named Power “Kosa Leka” in 2013. Ipupa, who is also a noted guitar player, connected with audiences stateside with “Chaise Electrique”, a bilingual love song featuring former G-Unit singer Olivia.

Fally Ipupa Nsimba was born on December 14, 1977 in KinshasaDemocratic Republic of Congo in a large family. Having been raised in a Catholic family, he began singing in the church choir. In adolescence, he began his musical career in various small groups in Kinshasa, and in the mid-1990s his voice attracted attention and he eventually joined local groups, including “New City” or “New Covenant”. In the late 1990s, he joined the nationally recognized “Latent Talent”, with whom he recorded his first album.

Photo credits; Fally Ipupa Instagram Page

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