Paelon Memorial Hospital Quality Improvement Team receiving Certificate from PharmAccess group

Leading health care facility, Paelon Memorial Hospital has been awarded a Safe Care level 5 certificate by PharmAccess for their Quality improvement measures for the 2ndtime. They are accredited by the international society for Quality in Health Care External Evaluation Association (IEEA).

Safe Care is an arm of Pharm Access group that focuses on health care quality improvement and accreditation/certification of healthcare. Safe Care standards are divided into 13 different service elements, covering a full range of medical to the non-medical aspect of care. 

Safe Care enables healthcare providers to implement best practices using the different service elements, measure performance against the standard, and assign a quality consultant to the healthcare facility to ease the quality improvement process. 

The implementation of the Safe Care standard at Paelon Memorial Hospital, was initiated in November 2014 with a baseline assessment score of Level 2 (we were the first hospital in Nigeria to score a 2 star in the baseline assessment) and maintained a continuous quality improvement process which was evident in the day to day processes and organizational culture.


Mrs Njide Ndili (Country Director PharmAccess Nigera) and Dr Ngozi Onyia (Managing Director, Paelon Memorial Hospital)

Speaking at the Certificate Presentation Mrs Ndili said “Paelon Memorial was one of the very first facilities to enrol on the SafeCare consultancy service, they were the first facility to achieve a level 2 certificate at baseline assessment, and also the first to achieve a SafeCare level 5 in Africa. 

She added that “The facility has continued to maintain excellence by sustaining their level 5 quality status. Paelon Memorial Hospital is the only health care facility on a SafeCare level 5 in Nigeria till date. PharmAccess Foundation is proud to be supporting Paelon Memorial in maintaining high standards of health care delivery”

In October 2016, the hospital re-assessed and stepped up to a LEVEL 5 which is the highest level in Safe Care, making Paelon the first hospital to attain a LEVEL 5 in Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer Onyia of Paelon Memorial Hospital, Dr Ngozi Onyia also mentioned “Safecare helps us to deliver on our promise of getting it right the first time, every time”.

Subsequently, in 2018 Paelon hospital relocated to a bigger facility with more staff mostly new, and saw the need to apply for safe care re-assessment. The hospital formed a quality Improvement team in 2019 and started the safe care standard implementation process in March 2019. Months after implementing the safe care standards we were able to achieve another Safe Care LEVEL 5. 

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