Introducing Star Radler’s Red Fruit Flavour And New Look For its Citrus Flavour

One of Nigeria’s fastest selling alcoholic beverages, Star Radler recently launched a new “Red Fruit” variant and new look for its Citrus flavour. A masterstroke from Nigerian Breweries Plc, Star Radler was introduced to the Nigerian market in 2014 in Citrus flavour as a great tasting beer with a blend of orange and lemon. That double refreshment had increased the brand’s consumer base for beer consumption and the satisfaction for consumers nationwide.

The new look Star Radler Citrus boasts of blue, yellow and silver wrap that reinforces the energy and refreshing attributes of the beer. This new look brings to life the refreshing, thirst-quenching and tasteful benefits of the special beer. The blue, yellow and silver colours of Star Radler Citrus bottle reflect that refreshing character of this special drink.

With the new variant ‘Red Fruit’, the brand’s affinity for diversity shines on. Red Fruit is a mix of a cocktail of berries (red fruits) and the classic Lager.

Speaking on the brand’s new ‘Red Fruit’ variant, Portfolio Manager, National Premium brands, Sarah Agha said, “We’re very excited to be unveiling this new flavour. Having tested and planned this launch for quite some time, we’re happy to be giving our consumers this new great taste. The new red fruit variant gives every consumer a hint of chapman taste making it a unique drink. We can’t wait to hear all the reviews!”

Commenting on the brand’s new look, Brand Manager, Star, Onyebuchi Nwangwu added, “With the new label design, Star Radler will stand out on the shelves and in the fridges at your favourite supermarkets and stores. We’re confident that this new look adds to the unique experience every Radler consumer will have with the brand.”

Perhaps the only beer to appeal to all genders, Star Radler delivers a delicious punch of fruit flavours mixed with beer. It is recognized for its quality, unique flavour and taste of summer, bridging the gap between those who love the fine taste of beer and those who enjoy lighter flavours, providing the right satisfaction for consumers.

For the past five years, Star Radler has leveraged several key events and consumer interests to drive increased consumer trial and retrial, shift public perception favourably, appeal to the brand’s target audience, and cut across all regions. With the campaign theme “Twice the Refreshment’, the brand is set to once again excite its teeming consumers.

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