Webinar Recap: Networking, Job Hunting & Getting Hired Remotely

In 2020, we have experienced a lot of changes globally, one of which is the full adoption of digital and remote work. Still, job seekers and professionals across Nigeria are finding it difficult to maximize their profile and visibility online in order to seize opportunities. As a result of this, leading talent recruitment platform,  Jobberman organized a webinar on Friday, November 27, 2020, to help professionals with over five years of working experience discover how to effectively navigate the networking roadmaps and the needed job hunting tips and recipes in the midst of a pandemic.   

The webinar, which was titled ‘Networking, Job Hunting & Getting Hired Remotely’, was hosted by Jobberman’s Communications Specialist, Sheila Ojei, and featured LinkedIn Visibility Coach and Lead Consultant at Inspired by Glory Academy, Glory Edozien (PhD) as a speaker. 

Participants were taught the importance of networking, as well as applicable and practical insights to seize the next opportunity. 

During the webinar, Glory Edozien (PhD) defined a network as a set of relationships that one depends on to get ahead in a career, get things done, and to develop professionally. She added that it is important to stay connected with your network, build new relationships to your existing network, and demonstrate your value within your network. 

Here are some other key points that were shared during the webinar;

  1. Networking and Job Search Mistakes

Glory discussed major mistakes job seekers make when they are job hunting, She highlighted key points such as having a wrong mindset, no clear focus or pitch, not utilizing social networking sites effectively and not utilizing existing connections. She advised participants that instead of making such mistakes they should do the following: 

  • Get clear on their goals: Clarity on key accomplishments, what you intend to do next, and how you will add value in your next role. 
  • Develop your ‘who list’: A list of people who can help you achieve your career goals
  • Go where they go: Join professional associations, vital seminars, events, masterclasses that your ‘who list’ attend. 
  • Brush up your job tools and skills: Understand your competency gaps, especially the soft skills gap and find online sources to supplement.
  • Set up informational interviews: Arrange a virtual coffee chat with your ‘who list’. 
  • Build Visibility online: Use social networks to build visibility for your skills. 

To end the session, she shared quick hacks for building online visibility with the participants and they include. 

  • Completing your Jobberman profile with key skills for your next role: Create a profile on Jobberman for the job you want, not the one you have. Showcase the depth of your expertise, skills and business outcomes
  • Connect with people who are in the roles you will like to do next and set up informational interviews. 
  • Share content about your industry: Get involved and showcase knowledge

Another major highlight of the webinar was an interactive session where participants got answers to their burning questions. Host, Sheila Ojei and Speaker, Glory Edozien tackled the top questions participants had about seizing their next opportunity and how to maximize the Jobberman profile. 
If you missed the webinar, or you would like to relive the moments, check out the full recording  here

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