Waist Beads; it’s perceptions, it’s truth and what both sexes think (Part 2)

This exclusive has been put together by the creative genius of seasoned novelist, journalist and writer, Tosin Clegg through a compilation of research methods, cuts from Healthline.com on waist beads and public opinions. 

This article is a follow up on the Part One of Waist Beads; it’s perceptions, it’s truth and what both sexes think (Part 1)

Check the link in bracket to read the first part of the article; 

( https://kosiakoko.com/2021/01/04/waist-beads-its-perceptions-its-truth-and-what-both-sexes-think-part-1/ )

In this article is fully expressed as an opinion poll with everyone given the opportunity to read through, analyze and develop their own reservations as regards the use of waist beads. 

For the Part Two we would be looking at several public opinions for Men And Women on what they feel about waist beads. Enjoy!


Honestly I don’t see anything wrong with wearing waist beads. I see it as something beautiful and i wear it. In times like this some girls use it for other reasons.


Regarding the waist beads I personally find it cute but I wouldn’t wear it because of the stigma attached to it. Many girls wear waist beads for different reasons and some wear it to measure their waist (to know when it’s getting bigger) some wear it for diabolical reasons while others just love it because they feel sexy when they wear it. But I’ll say this, not everybody who wears waist beads are diabolical or “bad girls” like they’ve painted it. Most guys love waist beads on their women, some go as far as getting it for them. Its just a matter of choice. There’s nothing to worry about. If you like a girl and she wears waist beads and you feel uncomfortable with it talk to her about it, Simple! 


I don’t see anything wrong with waist beads, I’ve had them since I was a kid. like I grew up having them on. So I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about it’s just fashion in it’s own sense I mean real African women should find nothing wrong with waist beads. It’s even more cultural than what most people perceive it to be.


My Perception about waist beads is that it’s not something to be worried about it’s mostly a piece of adornment on a ladies waist (except for those that have ulterior motives for wearing them) it is a beauty enhancer.


First of all dating back to the African history of waist bead ,waist bead was used as a symbol of sensuality,fertility ,spirituality so to me the issue of wearing waist bead is solely up to the person putting it ,the person may have their reasons for putting it on so basically we shouldn’t be worried about it unless maybe the person has other ulterior motives.

Personally, I love waist beads. It’s something that turns me on, lol. But there are different stories about some of those beads being fetish, and we can’t just be obnoxious to that fact cos it actually happens. I just know that we all have our convictions and I’m of the school of thought that what you believe in will work for you. So as long as I believe those beads are harmless, they’ll always be harmless to me. That doesn’t mean to jump at every lady with waist beads. At least one gets to know her to a particular extent and needs to have built some level of trust. Asking her about the beads is also not out of place. So I don’t see it as something to be worried about. At least ladies that I meet here in Lagos maybe I can some reservations when it’s someone from a rural area.

My woman gatts wear and for me I don’t think otherwise thou. So I gat no issues with and it’s fashion and whatever makes you look good or you comfortable on. Bring it on!

For me I personally love waist beads on a woman but with several perceptions of its use today it has gotten me more scared than ever. With the raging use of diabolical means by some women today to trap men it makes me wonder if some of the waist beads are safe as they claim but what do I know? I just believe that for whatever reasons they are used for we all should be careful. 

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