Dance Veteran, Muyiwa Osinaike postpones auditions for NDC due to Covid-19

Naija Dance Championship was born out of the zeal to bring back the good old days of John Player Disco championships. With years as a Dance Veteran, Muyiwa has spread his experience on different platforms and projects such as Maltina Dance All, Ariya Repete and a lot more. Bring up the NDC was to yearly engage the youth and to ensure it’s all encompassing from all regions as every youth is aspiring, adding that the expectation enables them work. He said the engagement would also enable the internally displaced persons showcase their skills.

Auditions were to have kicked off early, 2021 but as a result of the Covid-19 prominence and government regulations plans have been moved ahead to late April so as to properly manage the state of things.

Speaking to Mr Osinake, he shares ‘ The safety of our participants and team is of top priority. And we would continue to work on measures to properly hold auditions in respect to safety guidelines and government regulations.’

Naija Dance Championship is more elaborate, as it will showcase AfroHip, Modern Contemporary and Traditional dances. The youths must be engaged at these times. That can be achieved easily through Dance. Over 100,000 of our youths we will be in dialogue through Dance for six months.

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