“I want to create happiness with my sound“– Fizzy Dane

Festus Olajide Ayomide aka Fizzy Dane is a fast-rising Afro-fusion artiste who is currently one of the young talents to watch out for this year as he speaks for excellence and craftsmanship with his music artistry.

He recently discussed everything about his type of music and his new single titled “Antidote” which he intends to drop soon. When asked why he decided to go into music Fizzy Dane replied, “When I was way younger my then neighbor was a music fanatic so he played all types of music from gospel to reggae, blues, and the likes. Though it was not a conscious decision I realized that no matter how I felt at any time of the day, I always felt happier or better when I heard my neighbor’s loudspeaker banging any type of song that I could vibe to, so as I got older I started associating happiness with music. When I decided to go into music fully my major goal was to make a type of music that can make people happy or feel better regardless of what they felt at every time. There is a lot going on in the world already and anything that would make people happy or better should be encouraged, so I am contributing to this course with my type of music.”

Fizzy Dane is currently signed to Highly Spiritual Entertainment and himself and his team is beyond doubts set to serenade music lovers with nothing but happy music.

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