Nothing wrong marrying a celebrity – Caramel Plugg

For Ogechi Ukonu better known as Caramel Plugg, there’s nothing wrong with starting up a family with her fellow celebrity. The Nigerian Canada based internet sensation says although she doesn’t have a celebrity crush at the moment,  she also doesn’t have any limitations to status when it comes to matters of the heart, “I don’t have a celebrity crush not even Don Jazzy but he is an amazing person! If the one for me is a celebrity, then so be it according to Gods will,” she said.
Ogechi Ukonu, an Abia State Indigene further states that she’s still young and marriage it not on her mind, she would  rather focus on her studies and career. “At the moment I’m not in a relationship and starting a family isn’t on my mind right now either. However, when the right time comes, a focused and determined man would be ideal. Someone who’s honest and driven in whatever passion he’s working with. I like men who are open minded and observant. Men are always in my DMs on social media, to be honest. Some in my comments section but I don’t pay attention to any of them unless it’s something I’m looking for or a service I asked for from my story.”
She added, “Right now, I’m currently in my final year of university studying global development and communications, hoping to finish this year 2021.”
Caramel Plugg also spoke about how she derived the inspiration for her business enterprise: “I’ve always wanted to have my own fashion line but I wasn’t sure of how that was going to play out. So the opportunity for it came and I ran with it.” Her long term plan for Caramel Shop, she disclosed, is to expand the clothing line. And as for her future as a comedian, she declared unequivocally that she will continue being a comedian. “As long as I can share my moods with people, it’s not a problem. I love it,” Caramel Plugg averred.

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