Between Students and Lecturers; The Cars Saga

The offside of the lockdown and ASUU Strike took a toll on every Nigerian student as it offered them a compulsory one year stay at home. Beyond doubts the two above situations have changed lives, rewritten fates and so much more that cannot be told but in all these a whole lot of us is alive and doing well.

Fast forward into resumption of school a new wave of drama ensued and that’s the influx of students with cars on university campuses. This took social media on a rampage has several comparisons broke out on what students are driving compared to what their lecturers has has mobility. It was even rumored that some schools had to restrict this influx which took them by surprise and not that students weren’t driving to school before this new wave was higher than usual and what was more interesting was the luxury of the cars in questions making everyone ask what really are these students doing to afford these cars?

A more undermining situation was of this photo below making it look like students are probably doing much better than the lecturers who keep making education a bit difficult for them.

But what really are the students doing? And what does this justify for the students who are now trooping into their campuses with luxury cars?

What are your views and take on all these? Hit the comments and share with us.

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