Online criticisms won’t force me to change my fashion style – Sophia Egbueje

With the business of fashion and lifestyle of its practitioners getting increasingly influenced by the dictates of social media, fashionista and entrepreneur, Sophia Egbueje, has maintained that she would continue maintaining her style at her pace irrespective of social media pressure.
Egbueje who is regarded to be one of the influence welders in the fashion community often sees her style attract applause from followers both online and offline.
With the strides she appears to be making in the fashion industry, she is of the opinion that the industry can only keep getting better, saying that, “I think the sky is our limit”.
Despite the influence Egbueje seems to wield on social media regarding all she does the entrepreneur disclosed that it will be dictated by her personal needs, not comments on social media. “I get a lot of praise and criticisms on social media. But I must say that I’m not bothered and won’t change my style because of such. Fashion is personal and my style will be defined according.” She added.

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