Seasoned Writer, Tosin Clegg to release a new online drama series

Tosin Clegg is one of the finest writers in the world and his style of works is graced with excellence and detailed with richness of words and compositions. You can’t possibly not like his style and creativity.

His first ever work was published in 2008 titled, Hidden Secrets followed up by a second novel in 2009, Never Give Up. Rumors of a third book release serenaded but due to one or two factors it was postponed.

Fast forward into a decade after he has proven himself as an outstanding writer with his contributions in City People Magazine ( 2011-2014) and Thisday Newspapers (2014-till date). Several interviews and news stories accounting to over a thousand articles have graced the eyes of new readers from all over the world.

For 2021, he is back with a major news and that’s of the release of his online drama series titled, Quinze set to be released on the 25th of March 2021. You can follow his Instagram page to be abreast of this literature delight, TOSIN CLEGG

Quinze is a story to experience and giving a hint on what it’s about might dull the motive but if you are done reading the series you would understand better. For the excellence of this work it would be paid for and split into sections which would be password protected for my esteemed readers.

Quinze would be available for a 1,000 Nigerian Naira subscription charge for everyone interested. Special thanks! 🙏🏿


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