Actress, Immanuella Joseph Iniodu speaks about her journey into acting and future plans

For Lovers of MTV Shuga, My Siblings and I the electrifying adorable face of Immanuella would always stay on your mind without resistance. Her charm on screen is one like no other with undiluted innocence and cheerful being. She is undoubtedly rising up to become one of the big names in Nollywood as she her role play speaks realism and artistry.
Speaking on becoming an actor she shared, “I had always wanted to be an actor but I never really sought out an opportunity until one day, I stumbled on an audition notice for MTV shuga on Instagram, and I literally just said to myself maybe it’s time to try this passion out and I booked a flight to Lagos and went for it.”
The single journey more or less led her journey into acting and gradually evolving her into a force to reckon with. When it comes to playing roles she explains that, “It’s the fact that you have the ability to play an entirely different person, bring a non existent character to life. Versatility, and how well you can embody a character is what makes a good actor for me.”
In 5 years, Immanuella wants to become a regular face on television screens and with so much enthusiasm added she is aiming for the Hollywood screens as well.

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