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I have never been one who looks down on people regardless of social status, hustle, family names or whatever is used to judge friendships and togetherness these days. Over time I have come to love and appreciate people as they are and when I feel someone is going over board regardless of who you I still ensure I check you out and clearly make you understand somethings don’t go unaddressed.

For me, I have always believed love is a verb and invariably it means it’s an action word or a doing word. With that has a benchmark for love I have always kept that going over the years and probably that’s what has gotten me so many female attention over time. If I love you and it becomes mutual I go all the way out to make it happen between us and I never hold back anything except I genuinely don’t have and I state that.

I’m Nicholas Crawford and I would be taking you on this journey of circles, triangles and squares of love with my life at the center of the story. Just like a few Nigerians with a foreign name hence my name but rather than use my Native Yoruba name, Anuoluwapo I rather went for my Christian Name, Nicholas to keep my person a mystery. At first meeting on social media you would probably think it’s someone foreign you are engaging with but delving into me I unveil myself in it’s wholeness and more.

But enough of me for now and into this journey of circles, triangles and squares. I work with Afrique International, an NGO that caters for the start up requirement of Young Africans and their empowerment. I’m the Country Publicist for Nigeria and I handle the public relations of all their activities and programs in the county. I have been on board with them for four years and it was in my second year I met, Ayomide who is the daughter of Adebisi Adewunmi, the Country Manager of AI. We got along and in no time got fond of each other, a few weeks into months and we have gone on several dates, family outings and so much more that we became inseparable. A few times she was free off school she would join us at AI to support our programs and activities. Things went smoothly till about a while ago when she brought in her friend, Aisha who had just come in from Kano to work briefly with her at AI while they both waited for their NYSC postings. Although I have known about Aisha but we never got to meet for one strange reason or the other.

At first I felt Aisha was cool and wouldn’t have been trouble. I mean who would have thought of that though? But the trouble started one afternoon when I brought in lunch for the two of them at the office. Now, Aisha had always loved the way I bring in meals and gifts for Ayomide. This she attested to several times saying, ”Your boyfriend is so nice. It’s either a meal you thought of or some cravings you have that he brings”, “Why can’t other guys be like him though?” , “I wish I had a man like him” and more phrases like this started to get my attention when it became frequent and loud. My baby never saw anything wrong as she is one of the meekest persons ever and a down to earth person. Sometimes she comfortably leaves us both without fear or bother but then I was seeing the red flags. I was a bit worried about pointing it out to her so she doesn’t read other wise but no time was better than this fateful day.

So while having lunch at the lounge of the office the three of us were gripped in expectations of what is ahead of Ayomide and Aisha as regards their youth service. I shared with them my journey as well which eventually led me to working with Afrique International and also letting them know that the NYSC experience is worth while and one to hold dear. In the middle of this a text came into Ayomide’s phone which notified her of her posting to Kano. She was super excited and I was wondering why that was so but little did I know it’s been a long term desire of hers to spend more time with Aisha in her home state. They met in secondary some years back and grew a strong bond but with Ayomide not having a sister made her appreciate, Aisha who she took in as her own. They both spent so much time together and even ensured they attended the same university so they could always be with each other. Aisha’s father works with the Nigerian Air-force and had so much postings which always burdened the family. After accepting her friendship with Ayomide he basically knew his daughter was safe with her and her loving family. Basically, Aisha spent more of her times with Ayomide and rarely visited home except after graduation or during a few holidays when she went back to Kano.

Ayomide excused us to go share the good news with her mother who I guess would be a lot excited as well but Aisha’s look seemed not in line with what was going on. That was even a much stronger flag for me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I looked sternly at her.

“Nothing.” She replied as she put aside her meal and bent her head with her palms rubbing against each other.

“Are you sure because I felt you should be excited though?” I injected.

“Yes I should but things have changed.” She responded. Now I got more confused than ever.

“Really what’s wrong?” I enquired again as I moved closer. Now she seems to want to talk seeing i moved a bit towards her.

“I kind of like you, Nico.” She responded. I was shocked and I still wasn’t. I couldn’t even process the thought in my head. My eyes brightly opened as I leaned back a bit.

“Don’t say that, Aisha. Let this be a joke please.” I replied as I stood up and planned to walk away.

“No, it isn’t. Ermmm. .” She muttered as she stood up as well and tried to gaze into my eyes. “I think I’m in love with you babe.” She concluded. At this point I was ready to walk away but she held my right hand tightly and said, “Please, please don’t leave me. I don’t think I can do this life without you!”

I looked around quickly and noticed it was just myself and her that was in the lounge and I quickly dragged off her grip and walked away.

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