What’s Lil Nas X up to with his Satan Shoes release?

According to a Forbes Report, Last Friday, singer Lil Nas X released “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” along with a note to his 14-year-old self about coming out. The song, which is about no longer wanting to hide a queer relationship, was accompanied by a video featuring Lil Nas X as various biblical characters and a limited edition run of 666 Satan Shoes, which each contain a drop of human blood and cost $1,018 per pair.

The most genius part of the promotion, though, may not be the shoes or video. As one fan pointed out in a tweet that was retweeted by the Grammy-award-winning singer, “Call me by your name slaps 10x harder knowing how mad people are about it.” The culture war that the song, video and sneakers prompted has caused discussion of the track and singer to skyrocket. “Montero” has been streamed nearly 9 million times on Spotify.

The video has been viewed more than 32 million times on YouTube. His limited edition Satan Shoes sold out in under one minute.

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