Virgin Galactic unveils it’s latest spacecraft

Last week, Virgin Galactic unveiled its latest spacecraft, the ‘VSS Imagine.’ The vessel is the first in the company’s Spaceship III class, with at least two more currently in production.

One of the most notable things about the new design is that the entire craft is covered with a silvery, metallic material, giving it a retro sci-fi feel. The look, according to company president Mike Moses, came from the company’s founder Richard Branson, who saw the material on the inner surfaces of the company’s current spacecraft, the ‘VSS Unity,’ and wanted to cover the next spaceship with it.

“It looks like what you think spaceships should look like,” Moses says. “Which is why I think he wanted it.” One of the newer innovations in the Spacecraft III line, says Moses, is that the manufacturing is modular, which means that production of these spacecraft can move along more quickly. “It rapidly increases the efficiency with which you can build a ship,” Moses says.

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