Celebrities, Notable Stakeholders, and Partners Join Heineken At New UCL-Themed Sleek Can Unveil

The best of couture, a thrilling orchestra rendition of a much-loved music piece, and an ensemble of the biggest Nigerian celebrities marked the high-style event to unveil the new Heineken Sleek Can at The Green House, Lagos on April 14, 2021.

The relaxed event, hosted by e-sports enthusiast and media influencer, VJ Adams, drew a definitive curtain on the fascinating quarter-finals phase of the UEFA Champions League and ushered in the introduction of the new, innovative Heineken sleek can. Present at the event were notable names and celebrities including Uti Nwachukwu, Nancy Isime, and Samantha Walsh, who graced the venue with key members of the Heineken brand team, Nigerian Breweries leadership, and trade partners present.

According to the Portfolio Manager, Premium, Sessionable & 0.0 Portfolio, Nigerian Breweries, Sampson Oloche, the newly unveiled Sleek Can, reaffirms the brand’s commitment to innovation to improve the beer experience and adapt to drinking occasions.

“This year has been exciting for Heineken in Nigeria,” he said. “Through our carefully timely and connective campaigns, we have reinforced strong connections with our loyal consumers by giving them unique, remarkable and unforgettable experiences. As we strive to consistently raise the bar in our consumer experience, this new sleek Can re-establishes our resolve to be at the heart of football conversations and occasions and stay prominent above other brands, all while maintaining that same originality and great taste.”

The new sleek cans are an offshoot of Heineken’s illustrious UCL campaign allowing fans to experience the “Never Alone” theme, ensuring that they enjoy the taste of Heineken in unison as they enjoy their favourite matches. The campaign is headlined by celebrities including Nancy Isime, VJ Adams, Uti Nwachukwu, and Samantha Walsh.

With the new cans, Heineken is raising the appeal to football fans as the cans retain some of the brand’s easily recognizable features such as the signature green and the addition of the UCL trophy ensuring desirability especially in match viewing occasions and placing the product offering at the heart of popular football culture with heightened functionality.

Heineken is a global beer brand first brewed in Amsterdam, with a presence in over 192 countries. It is the official long-standing sponsor of the UEFA Champions League for over 27 years which has seen the international premium brand become one of the most recognisable brands in European football.

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