A Short Amala Photo Story

Why and why won’t you love to eat the evergreen food excellence of Amala? Just tell me why you won’t want to eat this deliciousness?

Take a look, convinced yet?

Amala sitting pretty inside a white bowl ready to be blessed with honor and blessings.

Ewedu takes its turn into the bowl giving the Amala more reasons to be eaten and longed for.

But wait we ain’t done yet. Check the efficacy that comes after Ewedu landed into the bowl.

This requires a proper exclamation, what’s yours? Mine is, Santa Maria! Yummy, my belly is rumbling already. Sure yours is too?

At the end of the day the beefing, ponming and all other forms of assorted blessings would make this meal to die for but don’t die o, lol. Just enjoy a beautiful bowl of Amala today!

All credits of these photos goes to its original owner; temithequeen and its fully at our own discretion we decided to make this a photo story. 

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