Why You Need To Work With The Oxygenator, Othuke Uyeri Shares

“Everyone needs a life coach because there is power in someone else, a professional, reflecting back at you what you say and see to open up your mind, to identify your blind spots, to encourage discovery and support you in creating action” – Elizabeth Arboleda

In addition to specific goals and projects, life coaches are a wonderful aid in moments of great transition. From career shifts like changes in the industry to personal shifts like divorce, a life coach can help you remain grounded in the midst of huge changes. Part of the reason why change can be so difficult is that it challenges the stories that we have created for ourselves.

Questions like who am I outside of working for this company? Who am I outside of this marriage or relationship? These kinds of questions can be very scary when faced alone, but a life coach can help you reframe your personal narrative in a way that sets you up for an empowering and exciting new chapter.


For Othuke he shares further;
As your life coach, I’ll help you identify your potential so that you can express your inner brilliance and manifest it in reality.

As your life coach, I am committed to helping you embark on creative projects, career transitions while identifying your limiting beliefs or mental blockages so that your life can be transformed from stagnant to stellar.

Interested in making me your LIFE COACH? Then, let’s get to workKindly send a DM or a mail to me via coachothuke@gmail.com copying chekwubeuchea21@gmail.com

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