Architecture in Lagos is like a basket of different stories; from the more historical architecture to present-day creative innovations, it is, by all means, a beauty of a story to tell by elArc Designs whose incredible creative ideas have gained momentous traction in post-covid times. Founded by Architect and Artist, Akose Enebeli, elArc Designs not only propels aesthetically appealing buildings; from simple structures to complex design solutions; the outfit also engages in dynamic, disruptive, and innovative thinking to come up with its flawlessly curated designs; which make them the competition to beat.

According to the brain behind elArc Designs, Akose Enebeli, ”For a small company whose watchword are reliability and diligence, we have designed a couple of high-profile projects and I want people to know that elArc Designs is known to deliver luxury and therefore is your go-to outfit for unique, functional spaces and buildings that improve your lifestyle”.

elArc Designs, whose unique approach is the ability to play with spaces that are designed to give the user a luxurious experience; having appended their signature on top noteworthy projects including the breathtaking home of Nigerian International footballer, Odion Ighaloand the opulent home of multiple award-winning Nigerian Afrofusion pioneer, Burna Boy whose homes boast of architecture so imperial, impressive yet all-encompassing by all standards; elArc has defined a new kind of architecture that shows positivism of the future.

While design has not been valued in Africa for decades, elArc designs is about to change that narrative with a cocktail of value-added services ranging from pre-design studies, design, construction, interior design, and architectural consultancy; pitting them side by side with a new generation of designers that are pushing boundaries in Nigeria and helping Africa to develop a more distinct design identity.

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