The Baba Ijesha Debacle, My Stand for Now – Lateef Adedimeji

As the Baba Ijesha scenario hits left and right several actors on the Yoruba scene have aired their voices. Why some got burnt for what they said others got praises for speaking as they should and also lending their weight on the situation.
Talented Actor, Lateef Adedimeji took to his Instagram page to air his own view in simple but precise details. Read below;

Many people are of the opinion that the male celebrities in our industry have been exhibiting a deafening silence over the allegation of a defilement of a minor by Baba Ijesha, which appears to make us complicit, collectively. This is in fact untrue.

For me the situation calls for serious calm and prudence. I, as a person will always align with any movement that seeks justice and a sane society, moreso as an intending father. Investigation is still ongoing and the matter is definitely going to end in court.

It’s a messy, shameful and totally embarrassing situation and while I am pained about it especially, given the mental torture it could constitute for the minor, I pray and hope the law take its course.

Above all, justice must not only be served as far as this matter is concerned, but be seen to have been so done.

Thank you all for your show of concern, which elucidates your love for us and the industry and we do not take any of this for granted.

Yours Truly,

Adedimeji Lateef

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