The World’s Oldest Bottle of Whiskey is set to be sold

This summer, the world’s oldest known whiskey is going under the hammer: a legendary bottle of Old Ingledew bourbon. If you want a chance at owning it you’ll be able to put in a bid with Skinner Auctioneers between June 22 through June 30.

Exactly how old is the liquid, itself? Well, nobody knows for sure since it’s comes from a time before modern labeling practices had been established. But scientific analysis affords a high degree of probability that it entered the glass sometime between 1763 and 1803. Pretty historic hooch, to be sure. Even more so when you consider its chain of custody.

In a press release, Skinner Auctioneers states that the bourbon—which is estimated to sell for $20,000 to $40,000—was purchased by John Pierpoint Morgan (yes, that Morgan) during one of his frequent visits to Georgia in the late 1800s.

Source; Forbes

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