Six of the “Best Male Perfumes” on a budget for every man

Ever since My Sugar Sugar, Creative Director of Bukunmi Eko Luxury made me fall in love with perfumes the more I have ignited a journey of experience and exploring the essence and efficacy of quality fragrances, scents and perfumery.

This journey in partnership with her has seen us own over 20 Bottles of reputable perfumes brands in three months and also helped us advice and sell to our potential customers from all over the world.

Perfumes are magical, soul lifting and adventure laid but today is not for so much about going into perfumery itself.

In this video are My Six of the “Best Male Perfumes” on a budget for every man. They are not just from reputable designer names but they are great performers!


To give reasons why every man should have them I would share below;

1 They are great performers in relations to projections and stay on the skin or clothe,

2 They are very affordable and do much better than their prices. Imagine buying all of these for less than 120,000 Nigerian Naira,

3 They have a unique smell which instantly distinguishes you from every other person and probably reminds you of smelling it off a wealthy person or some celebrity,

4 Look at the houses that created them @lalique , @bentleymotors and @ferragamo ! Really, wouldn’t you want to be affiliated with them?

But in a nutshell they are worth the money paid for them. And a combination of all the fragrances rightly would be electrifying and sparkling.

The testimonies are from my personal use and explorations but as a perfume reviewer once said, “Wear a perfume because it complements you and not for compliments from others.”

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