How men can cause vaginal odors and bacteria for their women

It’s crazy how the Vagina will tell you when a man is NOT for you! Here’s A VERY IMPORTANT READ

Created by: Health & Wellness brand @peculiar_people_holistic

YES, men can carry bacteria! And a V-Steamed vagina is a sensitive vagina that can easily detect a bacterial infected man. Here are some reasons why men can cause Vaginal odors and bacteria;

⚠️Too much sperm inside women can cause bacteria. So men, pull out sometimes!

⚠️When your balls are itching, thats YEAST! Y’all want women to ride that 🍆 then you need to have your hairs shaved. Your hair carries bacteria and hold sweat from your balls!

⚠️Not wearing the proper boxer size can cause men’s private areas to sweat and chafe. Bacteria will form and multiply because of the heat and tightness of the boxers!

⚠️Stop messing with multiple women! Mixing fluids throws off a womans PH balance!

⚠️Most men don’t have a Primary Care Provider! Men sit up with Trichomoniasis(🔙parasite STI) and don’t have any symptoms. A woman can’t get Trich without a man!

⚠️Wash y’all hands before you rub on the p*ssy!

⚠️Some of these men dont bathe everyday! Aint been to the dentist in years, bacteria in their mouth, but always wanna eat the😻!

⚠️Beard not clean, razor bumps infected but you wanna deep sea dive!

Both men and women can be at fault⚠️

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