Why Bleu De Chanel is a must buy for Every Man

I have always been a lover of good smell, detailing style, sparkling poise and defining class. And this I relate to in everything I do from what I eat, to what I wear, my choice of drink, places I go, restaurants I eat at and a lot more. 

Excellence is my top word and if I’m not getting it I don’t go further. Standing out is always a thing to be about and that’s what I try to exemplify everyday i set out or at every opportunity I get. 
Wearing good clothes is fabulous, lacing it up with good shoes is amazing and also crowning it with accessories and specific details but one major thing can still go missing. What is that you may ask?

Well, fragrances and parfums have always been my thing and I appreciate a good smell but only a few can understand the power of a good smell and the shaking presence it serves you when walking into gatherings and places. It makes everyone know you are around and it’s a subtle announcer that precedes your entry.

I came across Blue De Chanel a few weeks back and I must confess that meeting was everything I needed. I have used numerous parfums but none gave a lasting impression like the Blue De Chanel. It mesmerized me in ways I couldn’t even imagine and blew up my smelling antenna in ways that made me run over to get one for myself.

What ever was done by the Chanel Team in making this masterpiece is indeed of a class of its own and one Everyman must buy and have in his closet or parfum shelve. It’s one perfume you can’t go wrong with and a great announcer of its wearer. 

Buy, Blue De Chanel!

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