Why you should buy Limited Editions by Tosin Clegg

After several months of exploring perfumes from the stables of reputable designers such as Chanel, Dior, Lalique, Versace, Armaf, Bentley, Monte Cameron, Mont Blanc and a host of others I decided to design the ‘First Model’ of my own Hand Wash imbedded with elements of the finest fragrances there is.

It’s been my heart desire to create and formulate something of distinct quality and better performance and I’m glad to share this body of work with everyone that have taken weeks to produce.

This particular, First Model is named ‘Limited Editions’ by Tosin Clegg and just as the name implies it’s going to only sell about 200 Bottles. This collection would warmly welcome the creation of other hand wash variances that would be released later this year.

Three options are in this collection and we have them as Santa Monica, Santa Maria and Santa Cruz. They have been tastefully designed with my partner, Bukunmi and our Master Blender, Mrs Kemi Kotun.

‘Limited Edition’ by Tosin Clegg Smells Good, Cleans Better and be a part of this journey and buy one of the 200 Limited Editions.

Call or Text, 07084954605 to buy!

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