‪10 Basic Money Rules‬ by Reno Omokri

* ‪Money follows SEED, not NEED‬

* ‪Spend debt on investment, not consumption‬

* ‪It is broke people who are impressed by your designers. Those who can help you are not‬

* ‪A bank alert is the best cure for non clinical depression‬

* ‪Many poor people are hangry. Hunger + Anger = Hanger‬

* ‪As you grow older, having money makes you bolder‬

* ‪As you grow older, not having money makes you colder‬

* ‪Age gives you white hair, but sadly, it is money that gives you respect in this wicked world ‬

* ‪Never keep up with your neighbour. You will spend your capital trying to impress people who are not capital‬

* ‪If you must save, save to invest. Savings depreciate over time ‬

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