Who is to blame as Brazilian Rapper jumps to his death?

According to report by Hollywood Unlocked, Brazilian Rapper, MC Kevin tragically fell to his death after jumping from a hotel balcony believing his wife would catch him in a threesome between himself, his male friend, and a model last Saturday.

Model Bianca Domingues explained how the situation led up to the rapper’s death and stated she met him and his friend moments before he jumped from the balcony at the Barra de Tijuca hotel. Domingues said the rapper ‘believed that his wife was at the bedroom door, he was scared and tried to leave’ after the trio heard a knock on the door. He ran towards the balcony and attempted to jump to the balcony under him but unfortunately, he lost his footing and fell several stories below, and landed next to the hotel’s swimming pool.

He was rushed to the Miguel Couto Hospital where he later died in Rio de Janeiro and local authorities reported that his wife, Deolane Bezerra,  was searching for him after he didn’t respond to any of her text messages or pick up her phone calls. Additionally, Bezerra and Domingues were in a physical altercation at the police station in the aftermath of MC Kevin’s death. Three weeks before his death, the couple got married in Tulum, Mexico.

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