Between Ronaldo, The Portuguese Defense and The Germans

Right from the kick off between the defending champions, Portugal and Germany, one of Europe’s biggest names in football the win had absolutely seemed on the German side. Despite Ronaldo scoring the first goal right at the first time towards the opposition it had seemed a leveler would came in in no time as the Portuguese defense seemed out of composition.

The repeated passes to the back, the weak defending of the ball when the Germans came roaring unsurprisingly assured a fault which would make a goal and that undoubtedly happened and wasn’t too long after another goal hit the net with Ruben Dias and Raphael Guerreir as the own goals perpetuators which saw Germany to a 2-1 lead as first half ended. The pressure was much and they didn’t do much fighting back which resulted to them taking the whole game to four goals to Germany and 2 to Portugal.

Ronaldo was the man of the moment and he was shots ready and resilient towards winning but his team might or might not have provided the energy enough for the win. In as much as other team mates came roaring and charging towards a win a lot more could have been achieved if there was a little more coordination.

I feel the Portuguese defense needs a reality check and also to tune up their game for a better chance at beating France or at most drawing with them so as to secure a slot in the competition. Portugal has a total of 5 goals while France as 2 goals in this tournament so far but with a charged performance from Portugal and a little hunger that can surely secure them a win against France or preferably a draw with more goals in their advantage to qualify.

But certainly Ronaldo needs his men behind to do a lot better and save the Portuguese team the onslaughts of own goals, poor defending and sad fans.

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