Only serious musicians will last in public limelight – Rahman Jago

For Rahman Jago, whose real name is Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode only serious musicians will last long in public limelight.
Rahman Jago, who is one of the prominent figures in the Nigerian music industry claims that becoming popular and staying popular is different ballgame when it comes to the Nigerian music industry where there are daily fierce competitors.
He said: “If you ask fans what they love most about their favourite artistes, some of them will mention, in addition to their songs, their outlooks. The truth is, you cannot separate a famous’ person’s personality from his outward appearance. So If you are in show business, you have to look good, you have to show off. This is not a matter of shakara.”
He, however, pointed out: “Only serious musicians will last in public limelight; if you are lazy, not productive and not creative, no one will look your way even if you have the best bling. So even as you show off, you need to work harder to satisfy and keep your fans.”
Rahman Jago also argued that in showbiz, it is not improper for musicians to show off.
According to him:  “People need to understand that in show business, it is acceptable for someone to show off. That does not mean that you are flaunting your wealth.”
He further spoke on the state of the music industry in Nigeria, claiming that the new generation has injected a lot of dynamism that is transforming the sector for good. “Presently, there is hardly any creative sector that beats the music industry in terms of productivity. Every player in the industry is competing at the highest level and this has raised the quality of our music,” he pointed out.
According to him: “Everybody will play his role and hand the baton to the next generation coming, but so far so good, Nigerian artistes are representing the country very well.”
Rahman Jago, better known as co-creator of the Zanku dance, has at least three songs to his credit, including “Ijo Ope.”  “I am always involved in one music project or another,” he affirmed.

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