Lessons learnt from running skincare brand in Nigeria – Susan Esisi, founder Susan Channel Beauty

The secret behind the success of great people is often in their stories. Susan Esisi founder of Susan Chanel Beauty has revealed that she had little help when she started her business.
“Starting my business wasn’t easy. I remember when I got started I was home and had little or no help. All I had was a dream that seemed far fetched. Getting a good location to set up camp was also a struggle. But we are here and doing better against all odds”.
The skin consultant, beauty entrepreneur and wellness advocate who is one of the leading voices when it comes to beauty  and wellness said: “Social media has been extremely helpful, it helps me reach out to my customers both current and potential. It broadens my scope because the reach is beyond Nigeria. I can testify to getting a lot of customers on social media”.
Asked the lessons learnt from running Susan Chanel Beauty brand, she said: “Be steadfast about what you do and sell quality products devoid of steroids and other harmful ingredients. The Nigerian market likes honest reviews so if you have a bad product, people will definitely talk about it. This has taught me to always strive for the best”.
On what made her develop passion for cosmetology, the Efik born entrepreneur said: “I developed a natural love for it, and over time made some creams for my friends. So when they gave me positive reviews and encouraged me, I decided to take it to another level. So far, it has been fulfilling and profitable”.
Shedding the light on the trainings she has had to attend to improve her expertise, Susan Chanel Beauty Founder said: “I did a course for cosmetic studies in Thailand and for several therapeutic techniques. I also bagged a  certificate in Los Angeles for Ombré Eyebrows as well as other certifications which shows that my products and services are top notch quality”.

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