Pain, Regrets and Sorrow exemplified in new novel by Tayo Emmanuel

What’s love in the real sense? How much should we sacrifice for love and how genuine are the actions or words tailored out by our significant other when it comes to loving? Could love be worth it after all even when the red flags are obviously flying? This and more were the questions imbedded in Peace in the Abyss, a book by Tayo Emmanuel.

Peace in the Abyss tops descriptive writing ranks as each scene was well told with explicit use of words leading the reader through each lines into sentences and paragraphs into chapters. Right up in your head you have a vivid imagination of what each scene looked like and it more or less made you visualize the story and thoughts of the characters.

Diving into the story of Preye Banigo, a successful and diligent woman in her late 30s who has proven to be a success in everything in life, except finding a man. Although that wasn’t how she planned her story to be, but the unavoidable claws of death snatched away her heartthrob, Kevin, leaving her on a journey of uncertainties and heart aches. Confused and unclear how life was going to be she journeyed ahead hopeful things would define a better tomorrow and a brighter future.

Years after, Timi Coker seemed to be the Messiah or who she thought he should be.  Sadly it wasn’t in line with her closest friends and allies who weren’t on board with him or his display of affection which had charades underlined. With the good hearts of her close friends, Lola Bello and Aisha alongside her sisters and mother, Preye surely did have a fall back plan, but blinded and deafened by the supposed love of Timi Coker she rode along till he eventually married her.

With Beta and Road runners, the companies she runs gradually drifting up, she wondered how she found herself caught up in a web of “I told you so.” Everyone seemed to have seen the dark side of Timi Coker and she undeniably knew this as well, but she found herself rolling deeper into her marital union with him. The verbal abuse, obsessive possession, mental idealistic ways he wanted her to be, serial cheating, insatiable libido and a very offensive disregard for whoever wanted to take his place in her life gradually slipped Preye into being haunted by her decision to marry him or even be with him in the first place.

Sadly, unfolding events only got her sunk deeper, punctuating her life with regrets, pain and sorrow. His actions affected her so badly, yet she wasn’t aware of how they were impacting her life until those around her prompted her to take action. Timi practically cut her off from everyone as his polluted way of thinking and seeing life affected his judgement and pattern of living, eventually leading  Preye to the abyss.

Did she ever get it wrong? Were the signs not evident enough or was it just a hope that things would work out that led her deep into what she wasn’t going to get out from?

Timi was distastefully abusive and intent on living life only by his own ideals and validations. Even those around him couldn’t do so much in redirecting him as he seemed to have it all perfect cut. Preye, sadly cut up in the Abyss, found solace and rather preferred such bliss over being in a union with him. But was her decision right? Did she give second thoughts to those who would be haunted by this decision?


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