The official commissioning of the Akwa Amaka Live and Digital Studio which is a top-notch musical and movie production studio, with high quality and standard equipment, inclusive of live featuring equipment and gadgets which is the best you can ever get across the globe held recently in Lagos marking a new dawn in the media and entertainment industry in Nigeria and Africa at large with it’s launch.

The production outfit major objective is centering on nurturing and promoting young talents, content development, innovations and ideas. They are also geared as a visual channel with presences online, with further talks on launching it’s television channel for the sole purpose of enabling individuals and families enjoy their leisure time by providing first-class entertainment and information. At the moment the ongoing construction of the Akwa Amaka TV and Radio Station in Akwaezikenyi, Ihiala in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State is set to be completed this year and it’s a multi-million dollar project estimated to be the biggest indigenous Entertainment Industry in Africa.

Speaking about the studio and his newly signed artistes he stated, “Akwa Amaka was inspired by two things. First, my passion for entertainment and secondly, to help build the Nigerian youths. Today, I have achieved it to some extent with six artists. I started with the six artistes from the scratch. I started by teaching them how to write songs, made them have confidence in themselves that they can be great.”

The company originated from the discovery of unique talents in Nigerian and African youths at large through the Light Givers Humanitarian Foundation,a Non-Governmental Organisation founded by the CEO of the production outfit, HIGH CHIEF STANLEY OBODOAGWU with the aim of assisting young men and women harness their talents. It was also born out of his desire to set up a leading entertainment industry in sub-Sahara Africa.

As regards the challenges in the industry and prospects for his artistes he shared, “I am not grooming them to remain under my record label but I’m grooming them to be better. The highest competition in the world that so many people do not realize is self-competition. So, I’m not grooming them to remain under my label because if they do, how will the industry grow? So, I believe that one day, they will leave to go establish their record labels and it will continue like that. In future, we could even work together and just do things together because I’ve invested in their growth.”

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