Chikki Foods Industries sets up a helpline for World Mental Health Day

Chikki Foods Industries, makers of Chikki instant noodles and Chip Chips, has set up a helpline for World Mental Health Day. The special helpline which will give Nigerians a chance to bear it all to an anonymous operator who will listen without judgement or comments is went live by 9am on Sunday, 10th of October, 2021.
According to the Marketing manager, Mr. Nnaemeka Mathew, “Have you ever felt the need to just scream as loudly as you can- or talk to a stranger you never have to see again about your worries so that you feel a little lighter and unburdened? Sometimes the world can be very overwhelming, especially with the pandemic and the constant increase in the prices of food products, and some people just need a good scream or someone to listen while they let it all out- which is why we are setting up this helpline. No comments. No judgement. Just an avenue for Nigerians to let out steam and hopefully get a new lease on life.”

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