Nigeria’s Skit Industry Awards set to redefine and celebrate the Skit Making Industry in Nigeria

In line with how numerous skit makers have changed our entertainment land scape, and through these creative audio-visual presentations, they have further consolidated our place in the Arts world in Africa it became paramount to recognize and celebrate these individuals who have contributed so much to our entertainment space and filled millions of hearts with laughter and amusement. With this in mind, Hon Bimbo Daramola’s Bridge Concept has decided to take up this height to properly appreciate and tell of the impact of skit makers on the Nigerian Entertainment Industry with the first ever award ceremony fully celebrating Skit Makers and every aspect of their industry.

Speaking on this he stated, “Our foremost goal is to give them the due regard and recognition for their effort, talent and creativity for coming from nothing to be able to come to the point where the entertainment industry has now been redefined by them. That’s something that’s not only rewarding the entertainment sector but we acknowledge their commitment and passion in building this industry. We are the first to call their industry an industry of its own and we believe employment can be drawn from there as they are strong vehicles.”

Just as CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, GRAMMY AWARDS, BET MUSIC AWARDS and a host of others have built into major celebrations the 1st NIGERIA SKITS INDUSTRY AWARDS drives to earn this height by acknowledging these impactful young Nigerians. From the North to the South, East to the West these bundles of energy and talents abound, daily producing re-invigorating SKIT presentations that have collectively become so relevant to our daily lives and can longer be denied or ignored. Through this industry, thousands of jobs have been created, livelihood secured, different inspiring talents discovered and today many of the young players have found their places in life, living in comfort and satisfaction, and facing future with unbridled energy and hope.

Nigeria’s Skit Industry Award has earned so much ovation from several notable names across all industries giving it a more reputable stand as a viable award to celebrate excellence. Endorsements from Ooni of Ife, Dino Melaye, Shina Peller, Ali Baba and a host of others have been right on time to give this award all the needed support.

In addition, Hon Daramola enlightened further that, “The first edition promises to be a trigger to light up that sector of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. It’s not just an event but a transformational event in content and capacity as the vision we have is huge believing that after that night the lives of these young people won’t be the same again. They would also walk out of that event knowing their effort as been recognized and celebrated as this consciousness would boost the industry.”

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