Obi Cubana opens up to Pastor Tobi Adegboyega on failed businesses

Chairman, Cubana group, Obinna Iyiegbu popularly known as Obi Cubana has said that his the failures he experienced in his previous businesses have shaped him. He also noted that he didn’t have any reason to give up because he didn’t come from a rich family.

The businessman, entertainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist made this known during an interview session with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega during his visit in London.

According to Obi Cubana, “the first and only time I worked was during my NYSC, I was posted to the National Assembly in 1999 and we were the first set of corpers to serve after the military rule, and afterwards, we started job hunting. In the process I delved into other forms of business; I have imported phones from Dubai and I failed woefully, I have done boutique business, in Garki , I failed woefully and so I noticed I am not good with commerce and trading, but in terms of rendering services, which is entertainment, I excel. I love to serve people and so I applied it in business and it has been working for me.”

He noted that this is the first time he is talking openly about my failures in business, “I didn’t have any reason to give up, I was in my 20s, energetic, focused and I didn’t come from a rich family; my dad was a principal and mum was a headmistress.”

Obi Cubana further told Pastor Adegboyega that he has had his fair share of lose too, “there was a time I just wanted to pick my passport and run of the country but thank God I didn’t get visa, that was the saving grace because I don’t know where I would have been by now. Some others made it abroad, although a small percentage; I have been to almost every part of the world and I meet our people, it is not easy over there.”

He added that in Nigeria, there are a lot of opportunities which he saw and worked hard for, “it was paying off, I was encouraged to do more and was focused to succeed. So, setting up, I was never going to make money, buy flashy cars and leave the business, I love the good things of life and I want whatever I do to be sustainable. I won’t drive a flashy car today and tomorrow I am trekking.”

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