One of the most reliable lottery platforms that have continued to upheld the founding principles of lottery as a tool for economic emancipation in Nigeria is iAuctionX, a privately owned, licensed online lottery platform recently launched in Lagos. This relatively new platform is owned by gaming company iAuctionX and is duly registered and licensed by the Lagos State Lottery Board and accredited by other relevant authorities. From its inception they have placed customer satisfaction at the core of its value chain. Using advanced technological innovations they have created a number of highly rewarding and easy-to-play betting options for participants on their platform.
Recognizing the harsh socio-economic reality in Nigeria which has not only created a gulf between the lower-class/middle-class and the so called the high-class, but has also pushed majority of the populace into abject poverty, the company has committed itself to the upliftment of the plight of individuals who are smart enough to explore the various opportunities that exist on their platform. For almost nothing they are giving individuals to legally make money and acquire properties that are far beyond their economic means. For as little as 50, 100 and 500 naira people can participate in lottery options where they stand a chance of winning prize money in large sum and quality items such electronics, automobiles and real estate. They also allow people to play these according to their means by creating a betting system that is customer-oriented. This unique betting system allows participants to choose and play for items that are beneficial to their needs.
Paige Iroegbu, the CEO of iAuctionX, accurately captured some of the fundamental objectives of the organization when She said, “Lotteries in the advanced world has change millions of lives and lifestyles. It is on that premises that iAuctionX was found to improve the lives and lifestyles of our fellow citizens. This is done through a series of auction games you can play with as little as #50.”
As part of its commitment to the betterment of the lives of its customers, iAuctionX has also created a win-win scenario for their participants through its establishment of a back-up plan to support the process whenever there is a shortage in the expected bidding target for any item.

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