Honourable Exkid: Building business empire with experience, passion

The saying that Rome was not built in a day is applicable to successful businesses and iconic entrepreneurs who have had to survive years of challenges before reaching the summit of success. This is the case with Onuora Chibueze Paul, aka Honorable Exkid, who since 2020 has joined the league of successful entrepreneurs with the launch of his record label and showbiz enterprise, Grace Nation Global Entertainment Limited, the record label which has become the toast of the musical world with the release of two singles, “Hustle By Two” and “Go And Pay” from its leading artiste, Deity.

The success of the record label has put Honorable Exkid into the spotlight, and according to the budding entrepreneur: “Grace Nation Global Entertainment Limited is not a company I founded on impulse, it is a business that evolved out of my passion for music.”

He continued: “Since when I was a teenager, I have been dreaming of becoming a force in the music industry, either as an artiste or a record label owner. Back then on campus, I was nicknamed ExKid, you know, in reference to Wizkid, that was how big my passion was for music.”

The native of Ogbu, Umueri, Anambra State, has displayed his enterprising spirit right from when he was a student at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, where he was active in student politics as one of the representatives of the institution’s Student Union Government. He acquitted himself so creditably his peers gave him the title “Honorable,” hence his nickname, Honorable Exkid.

With his National Diploma in his pocket, the leadership lessons from school politics and his passion for music, Honorable Exkid in 2017, had determined that his career path was in business. And few years down the line, he has attained reasonable success as an entrepreneur. Grace Nation Global Entertainment Ltd is not, by all means, his first and only business effort. He is also the founder and CEO of Grace Nation Building, a thriving business venture focused on marketing and supply of building materials including cement, wood and rods.

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