Fake “33″ Export 150th Anniversary Celebration” Online Competition

It has come to our attention that an online survey dubbed “33 Export 150th anniversary celebration!” is offering cash rewards to members of the online community after participation in the online survey.


Nigerian Breweries wishes to inform the public that this online survey and its creators are not in any way associated with the “33” Export Lager Beer brand, the information is false and this content should be disregarded.


Nigerian Breweries will not at any time ask anyone to fill in an online survey requesting sensitive personal information or asking them to share personal details of their friends and family.


“33” Export Lager does reward fans and loyal members of our community and all prize-winning activities we create are always shared from the branded social media handles and our corporate website.


We hereby advise members of the public to verify contests, competitions and challenges associated with the “33” Export Lager from these media.


We would like to thank our stakeholders who brought this fraudulent act to our notice.

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