Pablo Escobar – A brief into one of the biggest drug lords of all times

If one man could be said to represent the idea of a “drug kingpin,” that one man would be Pablo Escobar. While running the Medellín Cartel out of Colombia in the 70s and 80s, Escobar’s ruthless tactics ensured a steady flow of cocaine into America. Some sources estimate that 80 percent of the cocaine imported into this country came through Escobar’s enterprise, some 15 tons per day at its peak.

Escobar became one of the world’s richest men (with an estimated worth of nearly $10 billion) through eliminating rivals and fostering corruption within the Colombian government. Officials who didn’t bow to bribery often met violent ends. He assassinated candidates for office, judges, police officers, and reporters. He planted a bomb on an airplane to kill a candidate for president; the candidate was not on the plane, but 110 innocent people were. Ultimately, Escobar would be responsible for the deaths of over 4,000 people.

Escobar’s acts of domestic terrorism eventually turned public opinion against him, despite his attempts to court public favor with philanthropic activity. By the time he was gunned down in 1993 while fleeing across rooftops from government soldiers, his reputation was as riddled with holes as his dead body. His fame, however, has outlived him.

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