Recounting the years a friendship could have changed so much, a brief Davido and Wizkid Special

2012 – 2022

It all started as a friendship in view but circumstances prevented it and despite the fact rumors had different tales of their conflicts one can’t rightly place it’s root cause. Beyond doubts they would have done major hits together over the years and a lot of great things but somehow life had his plans for them.

If you vividly remember the ‘Dami Duro’ music video about a decade back Wiz was featured on a few scenes and everything seemed likely to be a good path but somehow right from after there everything changed. Regardless of what’s perceived or thought of these two are an embodiment of talents, greatness and success stories.

No matter the root causes of the problems they are great in their respected careers and undeniably Nigeria’s biggest music exports in the last decade. Beyond doubts fans have contributed to a lot of accepted differences but in all truth each of both have worked so hard to be where they are today. The issue most times is people who feel they have validations to say this or that and make it look right or sound good but sometimes these guys should be left alone. Regardless of either paths to success or the accolades added with accomplishments over the years they should be both allowed to enjoy their growth and appraise themselves for jobs well done. Comparisons aren’t healthy but rather toxic and a breeding ground for enemity and rivalry.

Independently they have contributed greatly to different lives and enriched associated bodies who have earned a living or two from the sales of their records, show revenues, endorsements, partnerships and much more. No one who has worked closely with either of them would not say they haven’t been enriched somehow as it’s evident and factual in every way.

The fact one is more pronounced than the other in giving doesn’t make him much better as they are two different people with two different depth of resources. The other could like things quiet and that should be respected and allowed. What matters at the end of the day is their good deeds.

Icing on the Cake

The video of Wiz and David hugging at the club wasn’t just a video but it’s evident how they both know what they mean to each other. The hug was of emotions and genuine love for each other, their works and career, individual lives, achievements and a lot more. As fans we need to give the both of them the rare chance to relate indeed as colleagues and enjoy their times as the game changers of the new age of Young Nigerian artistes taking over the globe.

To the fans Love should always be what we should show towards Wiz and David at all times as it’s what’s needed and what’s right.

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