A Sad Reality as Kuwait could become too hot for people and animals in just a few decades

In 2016, thermometers hit 54 degrees Celsius (129 Fahrenheit), the highest reading on Earth in the last 76 years. Last year, for the first time, they breached 50°C in June, weeks ahead of usual peak weather. It’s estimated

that parts of Kuwait could get at least 4.5°C hotter in the coming decades, making large areas of the country uninhabitable.

For wildlife, it almost is. Dead birds appear on rooftops in the brutal summer months, unable to find shade or water. Vets are inundated with stray cats, brought in by people who’ve found them near death from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Though Kuwait is OPEC’s number 4 oil-exporter. Home to the world’s third-largest sovereign wealth fund and just over 4.5 million people, it’s not a lack of resources
that stands in the way of cutting greenhouse gases and adapting to a warmer planet, but rather political inaction.

Source – Bloomberg 


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