Between Ukraine and Russia – a war in view, lives at stake and future uncertainties

Can Ukraine defend itself against Russia? As tensions rise between the two countries, Russian president Vladimir Putin said he had ‘all kinds’ of military options to use against its neighbour.

Russia has deployed 100,000 troops and sophisticated weaponry close to Ukraine’s border. It could launch air strikes, cruise and ballistic missiles, heavy artillery, ground operations or even cyber attacks.

Support from Nato and the US has helped improve Ukraine’s army over the years. Still, officials in Kyiv openly admit that they will not be able to repel a potential full-scale Russian intervention for long. Ukraine doesn’t have an air defence system sufficient to cope with a Russian bombardment, and its ground capabilities would probably be devastated.

However, a full-on land invasion that aims to seize vast swaths of Ukrainian territory is still considered relatively unlikely.

The deciding factors would be how long Ukrainians are prepared to fight, analysts say, and how much the west is prepared to support them.

Source – Financial Times

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