I’m doing everything I had envisioned — Nnaukwu Jennifer

With a fast-growing profile and popularity on the entertainment scene, Nnaukwu Ifeoma Jennifer, a budding entertainment enthusiast appears to have a lot up her sleeves even as she wants to keep focusing on the big tasks ahead of her.

Despite studying Chemical Engineering for her undergraduate studies, Jennifer has always had a knack for entertainment and when one considers the strides she is making right now in the industry, one may not be wrong to say says she wants to prove that artiste management is one job she effortlessly carries out.

Jennifer has in a short time carved a niche for herself and proven to be efficient in the business of managing artistes.

While speaking in an interview about her foray into the music industry, she disclosed that she had always loved music from a tender age and even got involved in musically-inclined activities. She, however, added that even after studying chemical engineering at the university, nothing ever prepared her for the path she took.

In her words:”Nobody is actually ever prepared for a path or a journey, so I won’t say I was chosen or prepared for this.I’ve always had a knack towards music and it has always been my dream to be in the forefront of music production, being a part of the origin of a song. There’s just this affinity towards music and sound that one would consider decorous.”

With a fast-growing profile and popularity on the entertainment scene, she disclosed that focusing on the big tasks ahead of her and ensuring that she keeps the momentum going remains chief on her priorities.

She also noted that her parents expressed displeasure about her choice of career and tried to dissuade her, but this, instead, fueled her love and passion for her job as an artiste manager which has pushed her to achieve feats many people her age won’t naturally achieve.

“My parents were always against it. Did their possible best to make me shy away from music, but here we are, I’m attaining heights that one could only imagine. I’ve been able to master my art and I love the impact I’m making,” she said.

While recounting her experience so far, she expressed her excitement about how far she has come and is optimistic about her vision for the future.

“The job can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when it seems you’re not on the same page, but I won’t lie it’s everything I had envisioned. I hope to do better in the future, but for now I’m contended with every step taken,” she added.

She enthused that her career in artiste management is about to take a leap in the new year.

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