My vocal texture and singing technique sets me apart, says Mozatti

Afrobeats talent, Mozatti who is based in Australia has identified what makes his music unique and stands him out of the pack of the horde of local and foreign Nigerian music talents.
The talented songwriter and singer is due to serenade music fans with his debut album, a proposed 10 track body of work later this year. He has previously made dent with two singles released at separate times entitled Balenciaga and China Money.
Taking deep dive into his music, Mozatti said, “My music is extremely different and deluxe. I make amazing professional music that anyone in the world could listen to. My vocal texture and singing technique makes my music different from other Afrobeat artists which is a big blessing to me. I call my genre Afro-soul.
“Songwriting is the easiest things I could ever do. Writing music to me is a God given talent and besides I used to be a song ghost-writer so I have mastered the skills of writing professional music. I compose music according to what’s happening around me, the society, the government flaws, my encounters with girls, the heartbreaks, the beautiful moments I experience around me inspires my music,” he submitted.
The Nnewi, Anambra singer revealed, “I took a break a break from music for four years and returned with China money which did massively well globally. My lifestyle, my struggles in the hood, how life changed for me positively inspired the song. However, my major breakout song was Balenciaga. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It happened like magic, the fans wholeheartedly fell in love with Balenciaga. My special love for award-winning Nigerian female artist named Simi inspired the song Balenciaga.”
Speaking on his forthcoming album, Mozatti disclosed, ‘Lust in Luxury’ potrays women’s love for romance, luxury and materialistic things. It also explains the desire of every Soulmate to spend romantic dates in a luxury environment. In summary, my album ‘Lust in Luxury Vol 1’ represents love and romance.”

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