JenniFrank cautions social media users on the dangers of impulse posting

A timely warning has been handed to young Nigerians about the danger of indiscriminate posting of content on social media. The caution came from a three-minute video titled, “The Internet Never Forgets” by Jennifer Ebele Onyekwelu-Udoka, popularly known as JenniFrank, one of Nigeria’s social media influencers, whose message was called for more discretion on the part of those who post on impulse on the internet. The warning was coming at an opportune moment in the light of the ongoing Tiktok #ShortFilm competition, “We should be careful of what we put out on social media, as the Internet Never Forgets,” Jenni Frank urged.

According to her: “When people are going through stuff in their personal lives, they put it out on social media; some people even blackmail others and put it out on social media. My video is a reminder that this can have long term consequences that may not be so pleasant, so we should be careful of what we share.”

In the video, which addresses the current trend of oversharing on the Internet and its long-lasting effects, the Tik Tok Queen’s amazing acting talent was on full display as she goes through a plethora of emotions―fear, anger, regret, sadness and resignation―while the plot explores the side effects of blackmail and the stress of dealing with it outside the law in a way that underscores the message that anything put online leaves a digital footprint that can be found decades after it was posted.

The short video, scripted and directed by JenniFrank and filmed by David Cliq, was uploaded to her social media channels including Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. With a verified Tik Tok account of over 3.1 million followers and an Instagram account with over 416, 000 followers earning her the right as one of the most influential social media personalities in Nigeria she definitely has a pool of experience to dish out and called for self-restraint on the part of social media users.  “Think twice before you post, and that includes what repercussions could arise in a few years for the contents you are about to share with the whole wide world,” she cautioned.

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